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Friday, March 26, 2010


It's finally warming up outside and with warm weather comes grilling, lemonade stands, and the occasional bad hair day. Imagine finding this postcard, which has all three of those summer staples, in your mailbox. It's a 3.5"x5" paper collage on strathmore watercolor paper and can be sent through the mail with regular post card postage.


Ink and watercolor illustration on bristol board.


Collage on a 4" unfinished wooden frame, brushed with a clear glossy sealer. The woman's face along with her bird-o-licious hair-do are mounted on heavyweight cardboard so they (quite literally) pop out from the rest of the frame. Complete with an original illustration of a well dressed crow.


Two small collages made into 4"x5" blank on the inside greeting cards.


Just returning from another AMAZING north American tour with Leslie and the Lys. I was lucky enough to be asked to draw this years tote bags, featuring the beanie baby marching band (our friends from Christopher the Conquered). Super heavyweight bags WITH a zipper closure. Perfect for toting home groceries, even the heavy ones! Now every time I go shopping I'm reminded of how excited I am to get back on the road for more shows. Thanks, Leslie, buddy crew, and Christopher the Conquered, for a great tour.

On a side note, if you're unfamiliar with Leslie and the Lys, this is a bandwagon you'll want to jump on. TRUST ME.


Making my illustrations "everyday" functional. Black ink and marker on 3"x3" hard board, varnished and cork-backed. Easy to wipe off, won't scratch the furniture AND you get to look at a bird every time you take a drink? Let's get hydrated! These sets of four have both been claimed but I'll be listing more on my etsy page soon.


Another ink drawing with digital coloring.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Extreme close ups of an extreme animal. Pen, paper, an Antiques Roadshow marathon and oh so many lines to draw. I must say, it was an afternoon well spent.


My experiments in Digital coloring combined with a fascination of old National Geographic magazines. These were hand drawn, scanned, turned into illustrator files, and digitally colored.


Saw not one, but TWO robins yesterday. That means it's finally spring, and that means...GARAGE SALE SEASON. Can't wait to put on my Sunday best, grab a buddy, and hit the streets.

This illustration is a combination of pen drawing, collage, and digital coloring. Oh my.


Birds, always a good idea. Here are three favorites from a series of India Ink illustrations. Drawings are 6 x 6.5" on 11 x 14" vellum bristol board.